Billabong 60 Charter House Boat

This Spectacular 60' House boat built by Billabong is Luxuray on water. What more do you need. You could be anywhere in the world when you relax on the top deck with the sun shining down while on a sunbed or in the spa as the sun goes down. You could buy this boat with a group of friends and still have your own cabin with plenty of room. Anyone looking for a boat that can house the whole family and more comfortably this is a must see. On top of having all the features you would want in a boat. It is in survey, so you are able to make a nice return when your not using it. It is not just a liesure boat. This one can make you money as well. At present this vessel is in a House boat renting pool and earning money. You can buy this as an on going concern or keep it all for yourself.

Please contact Troy Hughes on 0417 006093 or th@rmarinejones.com.aufor any further information regarding this vessel or enquiring about what return you could be making. It's a small investment for a thriving bussiness with holiday benefits.