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Sailing with Italian Panache Sly 48 – the Flagship The Sly 48 is the Sly Marine and Marco Lostuzzi concept yacht and new philosophy that puts the boatyard at the service of the owners’ various needs. No longer just “a” boat, but a made-to-measure solution for owners who like racing in a fleet or cruising […]

Outstanding design in luxury fast cruising. Contemporary and classic elements are intelligently blended into the clean, streamlined and extremely elegant profile of the Sly 54. Understated in excellence, the Sly 54 is the new benchmark in fast cruising. The generous sail plan, a light displacement with efficient appendages all offer high performance and great efficiency […]

Powerful and elegant performance cruising. A radical new yacht in the sailing world, the Sly 61 delivers the trademark high-tech features while ensuring owners outstanding handling and comfort in a Bluewater cruising. The Sly 61 sets itself apart with a new cockpit design, new sleek profile with a semi-raised saloon and uninterrupted deckhouse windows. This […]

A sensational sailing experience.   The Sly 38 is a genuine sailboat… enjoyable and an easy-to-sail fast performance cruising yacht. You’ll get a full sensory experience with optimal performance and modern living conditions above and below deck.   Tailor-made for cruising and racing   Upwind and downwind sailing doesn’t get much better than the Sly […]

Winning choices for an exceptional sport cruiser. The Sly 43 celebrates the beginning of a new era for Sly Yachts as they team up with the 2015 World Superyachts Design Award winner Nauta Yachts. After carefully considering all the positive attributes of the multi-award winning Sly 42, the expert team and shipyard started a new […]

Grand Soleil 50 Seamless design in performance cruising. The Grand Soliel 50 is a unique and close collaboration between Grand Soliel owners and the best designers in the world.  The Cantiere del Pardo’s alliance produced a timeless and elegant performance blue water cruiser. Functional Deck Layout Imagine comfortably solo sailing a 50 footer… the Grand […]

Grand Soleil 54 Intelligent luxury for the discerning sailor. Everything is precise and calculated on the Grand Soliel 54.  Style combined with technology make sailing both practical and enjoyable.  Its clean essential lines and minimalism give it an elegant appearance and timeless style. Stunning Design and Detail Superyacht designer Luca Brenta had a vision for […]

Grand Soleil 58 An Italian Masterpiece – the art of sailing and design. Conceived by Italians and built by Italians, a great combination for a stunning performance cruiser.    This is not just a sailboat – it’s a lifestyle. Making a difference in sailing Attention to detail is what really makes a difference.  The Grand Soliel […]

Grand Soleil 47 Pure Italian style and performance sailing. Great personality, characterized by power and sophistication – boat builder Cantiere del Pardo has done it again with the Grand Soliel 47. Faithful to this principle and optimum sailing, waterlines come from the most advanced research in the field from America’s Cup Designer Marcelino Botin. The […]

Grand Soleil 43 Perfect balance in cruising and racing. The Grand Soliel 43 gives great pleasure to the sailor wanting the best of both worlds… maximum performance and ultimate comfort. Boat builder Canitere del Pardo and America’s Cup designer Claudio Maletto deliver Italian styling and design with modern technology in a manageable 43 footer. Comfortable […]